Engaging, exciting and empowering audiences

The live events experts

At TEN6 we believe creating a compelling experience is one thing, but experiences that compel people? That’s something else.

We partner with you to create an unforgettable experience for each and every one of your attendees; through meticulous planning, encapsulating live production to inform, inspire and delight

The Process

What could be worse than a disengaged audience who take nothing from their experience? Our tried and tested, three-step approach is designed to provide the maximum impact.


The moment of invitation is where the experience begins. It’s just the first of countless opportunities to arrest, include or enable. And we don’t miss a single one.


Our experiences are bespoke. Different. Meaningful. We set the scene for unique, memorable encounters that stimulate and energise your audience.


Your ideas. Our know-how. Together, they make for unforgettable experiences. We turn your messages into stories that change the perspectives, opinions and behaviours of any audience. Leave it to us.


Strategy. Logistics. Design. Production

Major global brands turn to us as a trusted partner to create experiences that engage, excite and empower their audiences, whomever they may be.

Whether you have a product to sell, a team to inform or a story to tell – first you need to establish what you want to say, how you want to say it and most importantly who you want to say it to? We mark your objectives as our destination, then map out an attendee journey that’s considered, cost effective and gets results.

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Starting from the very beginning, we will support with managing your budget; helping you choose venues to guest speakers, menus to transport providers and hotels to DJ’s. Our team ensure that your chosen venue has every opportunity to shine from entry to exit.

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Utilising your brand guidelines and creating an event identity that will resonate with every attendee. Ensuring that every space or communication medium continues the same personality and creativity as the last; pushing boundaries and enchanting minds at every opportunity.

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The story you tell is only as powerful as the way in which it is delivered and displayed. Our experiential team are constantly developing innovative ways of communicating messages; be it on the general session screen, breakout sessions or through interactive activities and properties.

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Just a handful of some of the companies that we partner with and support.

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  • Sports Accord
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The team’s outstanding attitude, client management and superior conference skills was a major part in the success of the event

George Jonasson - Head of Operations
Sport Accord Convention